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Girnar Ropeway opens New Economic Avenues not just Religious Benefit

24th October 2020 was marked as a historic day in the Indian tourism sector when the long-awaited Girnar Ropeway project got inaugurated. It opened the pandora box of unlimited opportunities for travel enthusiastic people and religious people.

Mount Girnar is one of the most adventurous and humongous peaks in India. It is a place of religious importance for Hindus and Jains.

Due to its great height, and 9999 steps, it becomes a difficult place to visit for senior people and physically challenged devotees. Girnar Ropeway takes away all these challenges and makes Mount Girnar suitable for all.

UdanKhatolais a company laid on the foundation of the trust of its customers. It emphasizes quality and operational standards. It is involved in the construction and implementation of the ambitious and prestigious Girnar Ropeway project.

Girnar Ropeway is an architectural marvel

Indeed, Girnar Ropeway adds to the cultural and religious aspects, but it is a great example of technological excellence. It was not easy to build ropeway in such difficult terrain. Not just the height, but tough weather put challenges. The architects, engineers, and project managers relentlessly worked and spent days and nights to make it operational.

It was the dream project of our honorable prime minister. TO bring the dream into reality, a high level of coordination and execution was required. All people who were involved in the project worked with 100% efficiency and completed it before the deadline.

UdanKhatola, the most prestigious brand in the field of ropeway in India has done phenomenal work by making the Girnar Ropeway operational.

The benefits of making Girnar Ropeway operational

The benefits of implementing Girnar Ropeway are several. When the project was discussed initially, teams felt it hard to take the project up to completion because of the mammoth size of Mount Girnar.

It was difficult to climb the mountain for everyone. Especially, for senior citizens, it was tremendously hectic. Devotees who have health troubles like heart problems, knee, and joint pain found it simply impossible to climb 999 steps.

Thus, a large percentage of visitors could not enjoy the mesmerizing beauty and tranquil surroundings.

Now, the scenario has changed with the introduction of Girnar Ropeway. People do not need to climb the steps. They need not worry about anything. They can just sit in the ropeway and cover a distance in a few minutes, (eight minutes precisely).

Visitors can enjoy the picturesque surroundings and natural beauty.

There is a commercial angle to it. Since Mount Girnar has become more accessible and approachable due to the ropeway, there will be a phenomenal increase in the number of visitors. Not only from the tourism perspective, but it will open thousands of new business opportunities as well.


The benefits of Girnar Ropeway are multiple. It makes it possible for religious people of Hindu and Jain religions to go to the top of Mount Girnar and pay homage to their respected deities. With the increase in the number of devotees, there will be new business opportunities as well, which is an added advantage.

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