Girnar Ropeway opens New Economic Avenues not just Religious Benefit

24th October 2020 was marked as a historic day in the Indian tourism sector when the long-awaited Girnar Ropeway project got inaugurated. It opened the pandora box of unlimited opportunities for travel enth [...]

Girnar Ropeway opens New Economic Avenues not just Religious Benefits

Girnar Ropeway opens New Economic Avenues not just Religious Benefits

What makes any engineering or construction project successful? Well, it is a combination of several things- Flawless design, perfect planning, keen execution, and expertise. The much-awaited Girnar Ropeway project tha [...]

Girnar Ropeway: From Challenges to its Successful Execution

Girnar Ropeway: From Challenges to its Successful Execution

Behind every large construction project, there is a lot of hard work, determination, excellence, expertise and many other factors. However, some projects are exceedingly difficult and present innumerable challenges in [...]


Girnar Ropeway eases the Visit to Mount Girnar the Major Pilgrim Site

India is a country of many religions and such diversity of beliefs is a unique identity of our country. Most people in India are Hindu and are religious at heart. It is worth admiration that they keep faith in all the [...]

Girnar Ropeway - Ashtha ka Setu – How it has influenced the Life of the People!

The inauguration of the much awaited Girnar Ropeway, which took place on the 24th of October this year, was one of the major happenings around, not only for Gujarat but the whole India. This ropeway has alr [...]


The Girnar Race - Ascending and Descending Competition - Junagadh

Girnar Parvat in Junagadh district is popular both as a pilgrimage site as well as a retreat for trekkers. Girnar Parvat has a terrain different from the golden sands of Gujarat and the verdant Gir Forest making it un [...]


Lord Dattatreya at Girnar

Lord Dattatreya or Guru Dattatreya is considered as Adi Guru in Hinduism. He is the son of Atri rishi & mother Anusaya. His father Atri rishi was born of Lord Brahma. Lord Dattatreya performed penance at the top o [...]


Why visit Girnar?

The reasons to visit Girnar are numerous. Of course, if you are religious, this is a must place to visit. Girnar has 866 Hindus and Jains temple. The temples like Ambaji, Guru Dattatreya, Gorakhnath are the mo [...]

The religious importance of Girnar for Jains

The religious importance of Girnar for Jains

Girnar also is known as Girnar Hill or Girinagar or Revatak Pravata. The mountain is older than Himalayas and about 3672 feet high. One has to climb 10,000 steps from the foot of the hill to reach the top. Girnar is c [...]


Girnar Ka Gyan - Junagadh

Do you know? Girnar is believed to be the Soul and original geographic heart of the ancient Indian culture which seeks spiritual enlightenment. The mountain was seen as a special deity proba [...]

Why you should visit Girnar- Junagadh

Why you should visit Girnar- Junagadh?

Gujarat is a famous business hub in the country. Mostly state is known for its diamond business and because of this it is famous as “Jewel of India”. But in from last few years c [...]


Goa Holiday Package for Family and couples

Goa has a vibe that no other destination has and is often addressed as a state of good times. You know where we are trying to get with the statement, isn’t it? As a former Portuguese colony with a rich hist [...]

Weekend Getaways from Ahmedabad

Weekend Getaways from Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is pretty incredible city as far as life pace is concern. However, nowadays professional and business people who works hard during the weekdays found very boring on weekend because there is very little to ex [...]

visit canada to gujarat

Top Reason to Visit Canada from Gujarat

It is well known fact in the travel industry that Gujarati is anywhere and everywhere travel enthusiast. A recent business-standard report says overall tourists from India visiting domestic as well as international de [...]

London Tour Package from Ahmedabad

London Tour Package from Ahmedabad

A standout amongst the most prominent areas in England, London is the city's capital and is a well-known holiday destination famous for its world-class museums, amazing architecture, art galleries, shopping, cultu [...]

Himachal Tour Package from Ahmedabad

Himachal Tour Package from Ahmedabad

Hey Travellers! Are you searching for best Himachal Tour Package from Ahmedabad? Then you have come to the right place. A paradise for nature lovers, Himachal Pradesh visit is about fulfilli [...]

Tourist Attractions in Udaipur

Tourist Attractions in Udaipur

Built on the banks of Lake Pichola, the City Palace in Udaipur is considered to be the largest royal complex in Rajasthan. The Palace now has an assortment of Mahals, courtyards, pavi [...]

Udaipur Tour Packages From Ahmedabad

Udaipur Tour Packages From Ahmedabad

Depicting the lavish lifestyle of the ancient rulers, Udaipur is blessed with many beautiful pala [...]

Best Dubai Tour Packages

Best Dubai Tour Packages

Hey Travellers! Are you looking for Best Dubai Tour Packages? Then read out this blog to know more about our Dubai Tour Packages from Ahmedabad. About Dub [...]

Best Tour Operator in Ahmedabad

Best Tour Operator in Ahmedabad

Are you Ahmedabadi and travel enthusiast? This blog post is definitely for you hence we are providing information about the best tour operator in Ahmedabad. As we a [...]

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